Last year we did everything right in our vegetable garden except that we used a chemical fertilizer as directed and it burned holes in the leaves and ruined the roots so we basically didn’t get a harvest at all. I look forward to using your organics, not only because they’re natural, but because they’ll be kind to the plants. I’ll send you some tomatoes.

David Neumann, Gardener

This is just a card to thank you for the sample of the rose food. As I said, I needed something that would really work this year because I had a bet with my sister that I would win the club’s rose competition. Well, I did win, and I have told everyone it was because of your Rose Food.

Ethel Riggins, Gardener

In my neighborhood it’s like some kind of childish game to see who can have a lawn that looks perfect, green, and like a carpet. My neighbor Danny sprays poison all over the place that nearly gags me and then he has this chemical company come over every month and spray dye on the lawn. What pisses him off is that I use your Lawn Food and my lawn looks better than his and I don’t have to wear a chemical suit every time I walk outside my house onto my grass.

Joshua Scahill, Lawn Enthusiast